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I'm a goodreads refugee. I read horror, classics, literary, science fiction, YA, weird, regency romances, historical fiction, history, science, fantasy and random bits and pieces of every genre, it seems like. I don't do as much reading and reviewing as I used to, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things.

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The Temptation - Alisa Valdes It obviously isn't fair for me to give this a full review if I didn't finish it--even if it was a goodreads first reads giveaways. But when, under 50 pages I'm already drowning in cliches and terrible dialogue (is it terrible because it's cliched or is it terrible on it's own? I don't know where the cliches end or begin anymore) and I just couldn't anymore. Maybe this is a huge signal that I should take a break from the young adult genre--maybe I'm just burned out their plots. But then I think, the young adult genre can produce diamonds too, it's just more coal to sift through than usual and I try again. Try, try again.