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The Bastard - Brenda Novak This was a much higher rating until the ending. An ending can really make or break a novel, and in this case, it was definitely a break. I was so disappointed! I mean yeah, it was a happy ending and all, but it was... lackluster. Boring. Nondramatic. Not steamy. I kind of expected an explosion with all the tension between them throughout the rest of the book and instead... we get this sort of tepid end. Deeply unsatisfying. But it's worth the read for the rest of the book! The rest of the book is really well written, the war scene was brutal and detailed, I loved all the interactions between Treynor and Jeanette aboard the boat. And quite steamy too. So I'll definitely be trying out another Brenda Novak novel in the future, especially if she keeps writing heroes like Treynor.Thank you to netgalley for the copy!