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Heart of Perdition - Selah March Thank you to netgalley for giving me a copy.Heart of Perdition is a neat little novella, though I was disappointed in the lack of detail and attention paid to setting. The plot was really interesting and absorbing, but for me it didn't make up for the lack of detail which I think is really important to the steampunk genre (the aesthetic is half the fun!). There are some undertones of robotics and clockwork, though, just nothing in good detail. The plot was good though, it involves an ancient artifact which both curses Elspeth, causing her to live alone and unloved, and returns James from the brink of death at a price. The undertone of helplessness of women was also a bit disconcerting, even for the time period. Usually in historical fiction we see women trying to overcome these obstacles, not perpetuate them as we see here. In fact, it's Elspeth herself that talks about these, not James, who actually tries to refute them. I dunno, it definitely makes me think less of her as a heroine.The writing is very good though, and I think maybe if it hadn't been so short the flaws wouldn't have been so overwhelming and apparent, or I would have been able to overlook them in favor of the good parts. But this is just a novella, though it seems to be part 1, which I think is silly. With a book this short you might as well just write the two books in one. I am definitely being generous with a 3 star review, it's probably more of a 2.5, but close enough.Also, I love the cover.