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Flutter - Gina Linko Just as an fyi, I thought it'd be far more interesting if her original theory had been correct, not the one they reveal at the end. It just made me go bleh. How uninspiring. Plus I read it for the time travel/science fiction aspect. To be betrayed and learn it's just fantasy instead is sort of bummin'.Despite that, Gina Linko is a talented writer and I think many people would dig this book a lot more than I did. A lot of it had to do with my lukewarm feelings for Ash. Not much I like about him, you know? But his romance with Emery was pretty nice, well written.Emery's a bit crazy though. She just like, beats him up for no reason a lot. And Ash is just like oh okay and lets her. I HATE when people portray "love" that way, even in the beginning stages. Just stop it. I'm pretty sure I've never repeatedly hit the crap out of anyone I was dating/wanted to date. Also, creeper vibes from him hanging around her house all the time I mean WHAT. So yeah, as well written as it all was I can't get over the personal faults I find with the Emery/Asher relationship. I think it could have been accomplished effectively without including those.Not to mention all the reactions to "oh by the way I think I time travel when I have seizures" were totally unrealistic. Most of the characters were oddly accepting of it without proof or further explanation. Weird.All in all, I think a younger audience would go crazy over it.Copy provided by netgalley.