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I'm a goodreads refugee. I read horror, classics, literary, science fiction, YA, weird, regency romances, historical fiction, history, science, fantasy and random bits and pieces of every genre, it seems like. I don't do as much reading and reviewing as I used to, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things.

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The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance, and Empower the Mind
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Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles Series #1)

Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles Series #1) - I wanted to like this so much more than I did, so it didn't really live up to my high expectations, though I'm not entirely sure why. Also I saw the two "twists" coming from fifty thousand miles away. I HATE obvious twists, it ruins the surprise and dulls my enjoyment to be correct. These were far too obvious. I WANT to be surprised and be taken for a ride!But I am excited for the next book to be honest. I'm hoping that Meyer's writing will have improved and I'll be more fond of the second book, because let's face it--cyborgs, aliens, plagues, princes and princesses? It's like everything I love thrown into one novel. The only thing missing is a freakin' circus. But yes, I think it's worth the read at least if you're into this kind of thing, or are fond of fairy tale retellings. I'm actually not a huge fan of Cinderella, but Ever After is one of my favorite retellings ever and that was also a Cinderella retelling, so I wouldn't dismiss it if you've never been fond of Cinderella. The connections are fairly lax anyhow (obvious connections, but there really aren't too many parallels. A nice mix if you ask me)