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The Kingdom

The Kingdom - Amanda Stevens Meh, is my first reaction to this book. I didn't like it as much as the first, but I liked the idea of it more than than the first, and I like Thane much more than Devlin (shame that Amanda Stevens seems to like Devlin more. I was hoping he was off the scene for good). But the creep factor that was there in the first seems to be gone in this one. The only thing that was creepy was Freya's death and if I wanted a creepy murder novel, I would have read a creepy murder novel instead. All this ~ghostly winds~ and ~ghostly fog~ doesn't really do it for me. But perhaps I'm jaded, this is pretty "light horror" for me, more thriller than actual horror, which is sad to say the least. While reading it I was a bit struck by the idea that this is a bit of "retelling" of Rosemary's Baby except Rosemary wasn't murdered and the creepy cult wants the baby for a different reason. Well that and the baby isn't a baby anymore but I digress.But I loved the underwater graveyard imagery. That was a lovely addition.I'll probably try out the next book. I often find the second book in a series falls a bit flat.