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Blackbirds - Chuck Wendig

Here's the thing about Miriam Black. She's lurid, vile, bad-mouthed. She has an attitude problem, more than one. But I love her anyway. That's the real charm about Blackbirds, finding yourself liking somebody you quite frankly should hate. And that's the heroine of Blackbirds, the anti-heroine. The writing is lovely, graphic and detailed. The plot-line had just enough excitement and just enough background. Including Miriam's life before with her mother really helps flesh out her character. She's the only one really, besides Ashley that seems to be a fully realized character, but it seems to work for Chuck Wendig. In this particular instance, I don't really think it's necessary for the mafia guys to have much roundness (though I "love" the history of Harriet!). People like Frankie, Baldie, and Louis though? We don't hear much of their back story. Quite alright, though.


I'm interested in why this is a series though. This seemed very completed, full circle. I'm not sure a sequel would benefit. However, I HAVE to read it. I will jump on it the moment that it comes out! Excellent.


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