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The Bellwether Revivals

The Bellwether Revivals - Benjamin Wood

The author seamlessly weaves together the lives of Oscar, the protagonist, the Bellwethers, and "the flock". Even that terminology, used by Eden, and by the author throughout the book to describe a group of friends caused me to raise my eyebrow about exactly the kind of person Eden is.


My favorite characters are actually Oscar, Herbert Crest, and Dr. Paulsen. I really wish more of Crest/Paulsen's past had been revealed, but alas, not much. I couldn't but enjoy somebody who has a cherished library and pushes reading on the protagonist, who's bit of a bookworm himself, but Herbert Crest was really the character I was fascinated by. I really wish I could have seen all the conversations he had with Eden, but the point of view of Oscar was certainly limiting in that respect, but I can't say the Crest/Eden conversations would have added anything to the story (probably why they were left out) but I'm just so curious. I'm sure everyone at the end is a bit curious about Eden, but that's prevalent throughout the book. Eden is the mystery of the story--is he a fraud, for real, kidding, what? We don't really know until the end.


The end is a heartbreaker, even though know from the beginning what must happen. But I still cried. Looking back it couldn't have ended any other way, either.This book is earning a place among my favorites of all time.


copy provided by netgalley.