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I'm a goodreads refugee. I read horror, classics, literary, science fiction, YA, weird, regency romances, historical fiction, history, science, fantasy and random bits and pieces of every genre, it seems like. I don't do as much reading and reviewing as I used to, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things.

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Mechanique: A Tale of the Circus Tresaulti - Kiri Moth, Genevieve Valentine This had a lot of potential, I think. The plot is sufficiently engaging but nothing happens until further into the book. It turns into some sort of rescue novel at the end, where the first part of it is mostly discussing circus life and Alec. For one thing, I didn't enjoy the point of view. It's very distant, so you never get a feel for the characters. It's like you're watching them from a neutral party and a lot of the time the characters come off as emotionless, or even if they don't, I still didn't feel connected. It just wasn't handled in a way that I find particularly good.I don't think I'm going to comment on the steampunk aspect. It was different.thanks to netgalley for a copy!