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I'm a goodreads refugee. I read horror, classics, literary, science fiction, YA, weird, regency romances, historical fiction, history, science, fantasy and random bits and pieces of every genre, it seems like. I don't do as much reading and reviewing as I used to, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things.

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Lesser Creatures

Lesser Creatures - Peter Giglio

Lesser Creatures has an interesting take on the whole zombie lore. Without spoiling too much, essentially the zombies, or as they call them "second-lifers" are not vicious, just mindless. They really like whiskey and fast food. But for some reason, whomever kills these second lifers, dies themselves. They call it "the curse". And this curse has some interesting side effects for the second-lifers as well. 


I really like the descriptions of the second-lifers. Like when Eric goes to see his grandparents, and in first part where Monika is standing in line for fast food.


The main downside to this book is at the end, I was still asking, "but why?" There just isn't much closure. Stuff happens, but there's little to no explanation for it. What's up with Glory? What's up with Steven? Is Steven actually magical? If so, how? Why did Eric forgive Monika instantly for what she did? 


I mean, a big part of this book uses love as a motivation and an explanation, but being left with so many questions... I guess its supposed to be an "open ending" but in the end, I'm just confused and a bit disappointed.


I received a free copy via netgalley in exchange for a review. Thank you!