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[REBLOG] Question...

Reblogged from The Book Lantern:

I'm thinking of writing a Book Lantern piece on this but would like some outside opinions first.


If John Green were a woman, would he be as successful as he is?


Hear me out.


Green's success has primarily been built upon his web presence with the Vlog Brothers. The internet is notoriously hostile to women with large online followings - Anita Sarkeesian, Laci Green, Felicia Day, to name but three. The so-called geek pantheon is primarily dominated by male figures - Green, Gaiman, Whedon, Wheaton, etc - and greatly outnumber women in terms of recognition and popularity. None of these men have received the sheer level of death and rape threats that Sarkeesian was subjected to. Nobody ever accused them of being fake geeks like they did with her. 


Putting aside my own issues with Green's work, such books would probably still be well received if written by Joan Green but they'd be advertised differently and she would receive far less publicity from publications like Time and Entertainment Weekly. Honestly, I'm not sure Joan Green would have the same huge female following. I also doubt Joan Green would be repeatedly hailed as the saviour of modern YA (god it bugs me when he's described as such - if anyone's owed that title it's, as much as it pains me to admit it, Stephenie Meyer). 


Maybe it's just me that thinks it. Probably. My brain's like that. What do you think?




You should go to the original post and share your thoughts! I think this is an interesting topic.