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Across the Universe by Beth Revis

Across the Universe - Beth Revis


That's how I describe myself throughout this book. It was a bit of a pain to get through to the end (oh look, I've been reading it since July) but I finally finished it. And there's not a lot to say.

I feel like this was really popular when I was younger, and I see how it would have appealed to my younger self. But for the me in the now, there was a lot of scenes in here I found unnecessary, dragging, and boring. I didn't care much about the characters, didn't care much about who was unfreezing the frozens and what their goals were (wasn't expecting who it was though, so there's that).


I just don't know. I read books like this that I expect to like and I think, maybe I'm just too old for YA these days, because all I can think about is how I would have certainly gone crazy over it had I read it years ago. But now, all I can muster is a "meh."

I have the sequel sitting on my shelf and I'm side-eying it. It's not going to be on my reading list any time soon, I don't think.


(psst. my first review of 2014!)


(edit: welp, this book isn't as old as I thought. Only 2011? I was thinking more along the lines of around 5 years old. oh well.)